UFOCapture Night Sky Observation Guide V2.0

1. Introduction

This document explains basic procedure of the night sky observation using UFOCaptureV2.0x , UFOAnalyzer V0.xx, UFOOrbit V0.xx.

UFOCaptureV2 provides functions below and enables us long term observation which is stable, efficient, and precise.

UFOAnalyzer provides functions below.

UFOOrbit provides functions below.

The figure below shows relations of 3 software and their outputs.



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Telescope enable us to look far objects, microscope enable us to see small objects, with other many inventions we have enlarged our field of view and our knowledge. I believe UFOCapture enable us to see rare objects in time dimension. There may be many objects or phenomena which have not been even noticed. It will be great pleasure for me that this software helps somebody to find something.

I developed UFOCapture in spring of 2003. It was just a hobby driven from a little curiosity for the nature. But according to the increase of friends in network who gave me cheers and encouragements, UFOCapture has been grown up beyond my expectation. I sincerely appeal my regards to the people who gave me advises and motivations. There are alot of proposals for improvement, especially about UFOAnalyzer and UFOOrbit, since they are a kind of personal experimental tools yet. I wish I will be able to answer my friends by continuing of development.

Dec/2005 SonotaCo.