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Latest Versions
23/10/31 UFOCaptureHD2 V4.85
13/06/09 UFOCaptureV2 V2.24
04/08/13 UFOCaptureFreeV1.82
24/01/28 UFOAnalyzer V4 V4.31
24/01/01 UFOOrbitV2 V3.05
13/02/10 INF2MCSV V0.07
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Welcome to SonotaCo.com!
UFOCapture is motion capture software that starts recording on a hard disk drive of a computer from a few seconds before the action recognized to a few seconds after the action finished.
UFOCapture is software for Microsoft Windows and it is easy to build a satisfying observation system by using various video capture equipments on the market.

After UFOCapture was first published in 2003, UFOCapture V2 is now available refined by users' requests and advices on summer of 2005.
Fantastic luminous phenomena have been captured using UFOCapture such as meteors, Fireballs, Sprites, Elves, and Blue Jets, and much more unknown phenomena are waiting to be discovered.

UFOAnalyzer, which calculates precise direction and elevation of the event and UFOOrbit that gets an orbit by a fireball observed by more than two sites, are also available and very useful to precede the captured events.

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