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V4.85 2023/10/10

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Time Shifted Motion Capture Software for HD

Supported system: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/Xp, 32/64bit, all language version.
Shareware ( Detection is limited under 30min without license)

Process upto 4096x2160/60p un-compressed video realtimely by paralell processing processors. See Quick Start Guide for detail.

HD Capture Samples

(v4.80 for some untested cameras)


V2.24 2013/06/09

Manual Download izh Download zip Purchase
lzh 3.0MB zip 3.0MB

Time Shifted Motion Capture Software

Supported system: Windows Vista/Xp/2000
Pentium4 2.4GHz or more is recommended.
One of following DirectX video capture devices is required:

  • PCI tuner/video capture board,
  • USB2.0 tuner/video capture board,
  • USB camera,
  • IEEE1394 (DV) camera

Free 30 days trial without functional limitation

UFOCapture Night Sky Observation GuideV2 E0.01 2005/12/20


V1.82 2004/08/13

Manual (Japanese) Download izh Download zip
UFOFree182.lzh 0.9MB UFOFree182.zip 0.9MB

Free Time Shifted Motion Capture Software with functional limitation


V4.31 2024/01/28

Download zip
UA4_Vxxzip 48MB

Post processing tool for UFOCapture

Calculate the position of the moving object.
Automatic distortion compensation by comparing to the built-in star map.
Analyze object's coordinates, angular velocity, coming direction, linearity, magnitude and etc.
Classify the meteors to a possible shower.
Draw trail map of meteors to find their radiant.
Output csv file for UFOOrbit.

Free for individual researchers. Please get permission of the author when using this software for organized research.

Operation Guide (web page)

Old V2 manu al (J)

Old V2 manual (e)

Updates (J)

Latest Leap Second adjustment file


V3.05 2024/01/01

Manual (English) Manual (Japanese) Download zip
UO2xxx.zip 2.4MB

Simultaneous observation detector / orbital elements calculator.

Input multi site outputs of UFOAnalyzer.
Find simultaneous events.
Calculate orbital elements of meteors.
Draw trails on star map or ground map.
Draw the orbit in star map.

Latest Leap Second adjustment file

Maps for UFOAnalyzerV2 and UFOOrbitV2

Map of Main Island of Japan

Download izh Download zipGMe138n38_10 0.4MB

Map of HongKong

Download izh Download zipGMe114n23_12 0.7MB

Map of Singapore

Download izh Download zipGMe104n00_14 0.3MB

Map of Northern Europe

Download izh Download zipGMe026n62_12 0.6MB

Map of Central Europe

Download izh Download zipGMe012n48_15 0.6MB

Map of UK

Download izh Download zipGMw004n54_10 0.3MB

Map of Spain f

Download izh Download zipGMw004n40_08 0.4MB

Map of North America (East)

Download izh Download zipGMw71n41_15 0.3MB

Map of North America (West)

Download izh Download zipGMw107n43_17 0.5MB

Map of North America(South)

Download izhDownload zipGMw080n25_15 0.2MB

Map of Mexico

Download izhDownload zipGMw105n25_15 0.3MB

Map of Australia

Download izhDownload zipGMe134s25_20 0.3MB

Map of Alaska

Download izhDownload zipGMw160n66_20 0.6MB

Map of Brazil

Download izhDownload zipGMw46s22_12 0.4MB

Map of Brazil(Wide)

Download zipGMw55s15_25 0.5MB

Map of Canada (West)

Download izhDownload zipGMw120n50_15 0.5MB

Map of Canada (East)

Download zipGMw075n50_15 0.4MB

Map of ALMA!

GMw068s23_20 0.4MB

Mao of South America

GMw065s35_20 0.3MB

Mao of South America2

GMw070s50_15 0.2MB

Map of Hawaii

GMw157n21_10 10KB

Map of Morocco

GMw009n31_15 0.2MB

Map of Turky

GMe035n38_15 0.6MB

Map of Ukraine

GMe035n50_15 0.6MB

Map of Mediterranean Sea

GMe015n35_15 0.5MB

Map of Colombia

GMw075n12_15 0.3MB

Map of Irkutsk

GMe105n53_10 0.6MB

Map of Arabian Peninsula

GMe050n25_15 0.4MB
Map of Korea
GMe128n36_10 0.4MB
Map fo Egypt
GMe030n30_15.zip 0.4MB
Map fo South Africa
GMe025s25_20.zip 0.2MB
Map of Tibet
GMe080n30_20.zip 0.6MB
Map of Middle East
GMe050n30_15.zip 0.6MB
Map of West Siberia
GMe70n60_20.zip 0.6MB
Map of China
GMe100n36_22.zip 0.8MB


V0.07 2013/02/10

Download zip

INF,REF (output of Metrec by Sirko Molau) to M*.csv (input of UFOOrbitV2) conversion program

v0.07 20130210 Earth radius estimation updated.

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