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Take the following steps to download software.

1.Right-click the download button of the desired software program Download izhor Download zip,choose “Save Target As” and specify an appropriate download directory (e.g., My Documents). This will download the program into the specified directory. (Download the lzh version if you have an lzh extractor. Otherwise, download the zip version.)

2.If you use Windows XP SP2 or later, you may have to turn off the file block by taking the following steps:

*Open the download directory in Windows Explorer.
*Right-click the downloaded file (e.g., UFO218.zip) and select Properties.
*When the “Unblock” button is displayed on the General tab in Properties as shown below, click “Unblock” and then “OK.” (When Unblock is not displayed, you don’t have to do anything.)

3.Decompress the downloaded package using your own software or the unzipping utility of Windows XP. When you want to use Windows XP’s unzipping utility, take the steps below:

*Right-click the package (*.zip) downloaded with Explorer.
*Select “Extract all files” and follow the instructions on the Extraction Wizard.

(Windows XP has a standard utility for unzipping files. An lzh extractor does not come standard with XP; you need to install add-on software by Microsoft.)

4. If necessary, move the directory created by extraction (UFO2 in the case of UFOCaptureV2) to a desired location. ( the path name of the location should include only alpha numeric characters such as "c:\ufo2 ". If directory contains multibyte characters such as Japanese or Chinese, it causes problems often.)

5. Install the software, referring to its manual.

*The UFO-series software memorizes the execution directory where it was initially installed. If you want to change the execution directory afterwards, refer to the manual of each program for a step to be taken. (In the case of UFOCaptuerV2, you will have to click the “re-install ax” button on the Operation tab.)

*When installing an updated version of software, you are recommended to overwrite the older version in the existing directory. Your settings will be automatically passed on to the new version (you don’t have to uninstall older versions of the UFO series.)

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