UFOCapture Night Sky Observation Guide V2.0

5. Advanced topics

5.1 PAL

When using PAL video source, set Xi=720,Yi=576,Fps=25.0,Head=25,Tail=25.

This may be very heavy load. Be aware of your cpu load.

There are some cases that you have to change the video format in the property sheet of the driver.

5.2 IEEE1394

When using IEEE1394(DV) as video capture device, select "Microsoft DV Camera and VCR" as the video capture driver.

This driver appears only when external equipment is ready.

IEEE1394(DV) may increase CPU load up to 50%.

5.3 FTP setting

You can make Motion detect Live web site using UFOCaptureV2. Refer UFOCaptureV2 manual.

5.4 Cosmic ray observation

Set Video trigger option Min(Frm)=0, EXsize=0, and you will get all effect of cosmic rays or electric noise.

5.5 Slow object observation

Set Video trigger option Slow Obj Mask=OFF, Max(sec)=10, and Still Image Capture option PeakHold=ON, Leave Image of Long Clip=ON, then you can delete only big size movie but you will get still image of long phenomena (more than 10 sec) such as path of the air plane or satellites.

5.6 TLE observation

There is no special settings for TLE( sprite, elves, blue jet...) observation.

Confirm Min(frm) <2, Exsize < 50.

5.7 External data input to UFOOrbit

You can use external data as the input data of UFOOrbit . There are 3 formats.

Rows of R90 are follows.