UFOCapture Night Sky Observation Guide V2.0

Step 23 Analysis

UFOAnalyzer has the automatic analysing function, which finds multiple moving objects in each clip and measure its position, speed, brightness and its path direction and linearity.

UFOAnalyzer also has automatic classification function of the objects using analysis result and rule based classification logic. This classification function is a kind of the automatic recognition, therefore do not expect that it works perfectly. It is only practically useful.

Automatic analysing operation is very easy. You must complete profile setting (Step 22) before analysis.

Step 24 Check of analysis results

After Analyze all, you should check the result of all clips. There are function for checking below.

Step 25 Manual correction

Automatic analysis usually contains some incorrect results. You should correct those clips by following method.

Step 26 Trail map drawing

When analysis was done, you can draw trail map of captured events.

Trail map is a function which draw the moving path and its extension on star map.

Trail map is drawn by pushing Trail Map button in EX sheet.

You can select events by class assignment in ListOp sheet.

You can assign map center,size,and overlay options in EX sheet. Try them.

You can save the map by pushing Save map button in EX sheet.

Step 27 Magnitude estimation

UFOAnalyzer has an magnitude estimation function. It is not automatic nor accurate yet and will be replaced by another logic soon.

This function works as follows.

Step28 Reporting

Step28-1 Save CSV

You should push Save CSV button in main sheet, when you have finished analysis and manual correction. All information will be save to a csv filed named C2005xxxxx.csv in the In dir. UFOAnalyzer will read it if it is exist in In Dir at the next execution.

Step28-2 Make Report

You can make HTML report (sample) by pushing Make Report button in main sheet.

It will be made to Out Dir

Step28-3 Make M.CSV

You can make another csv file named M2005xxxx_id_id.csv (sample) . This files contains all results that is used for orbit calculation. And is used for data exchange.

In M.csv, all personal information (precise location) is coded and cannot be decoded by anyone. Only UFOOrbit can use it as data, but will never be decoded.

There is another open format called "R90". Refer the explanation of UFOOrbit.