UFOCaptureHD2 Quick Start Guide

This document contains a sytep by step guide to build a HD motion-detect-time-shifted-video-recording system using UFOCaptureHD2.

Please refer UFOCaptureHD2 Japanese manual or UFOCaptueV2 English manual for details.

1. Equipments for HD night sky observation


2. Test of Equipments

3. Download of UFOCaptureHD2 Package

4. Making Diretories

5. System registration by UFOHD2_REG.exe

6. Check of Windows settings

7. Initial setting of UFOCaptureHD2

8. Preview test

9. Recording test

10. Playback test

11. Detection test

12. Clip selection/deletion



13. Profile setting

14. Schedule setting

15. Area mask setting

16. Scintillation mask tuning

17. SlowObject mask tuning

18. Detection thresholds tuning

19. Auto start of UFOCaptureHD2 by NightScheduler

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