UFOCaptureV2 users manual

3. Operation

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3.2 Input sheet

In Input sheet you can set followings.

[Input device and input pin]

[Resolution(size)/ Aspect ratio / Frame rate / Codec]

[Frame Shift(time shift) settings]

[Video Trigger settings]

Sensitivity of the detection is mainly controlled by "Detect Lev" and " Detect Size" in "Live" sheet.

UFOCaptureV2 basically recognize a event by the following logic.

1) Calculate the change of the brightness of the each pixel which is not masked.

2) Count the number of pixel which change its brightness more the "Detect Lev".

3) When the number of changing pixel exceeds the "Detect Size", a trigger is raised.

In this "Video Trigger" section, you can set detail options and automatic control of "Detect Lev".

[Audio trigger / Time interval trigger]

[Super impose / Date and Time mode]

Set the super impose string to movie, still image, preview..

[Area mask editing]

Area mask is fixed pattern of the detection area. By using area mask, you can eliminate the effect of movement such as trees moved by wind or the change of ground lights or pre-super imposed time stamps.

Area mask editor is activated by pushing the "Edit" button of "Detect Area" line in "Video trigger" section.

Before using this function, Do preview and stop to the view area have actual still image of the view. Then you can edit mask over the image of the view.

For example assume still image is below.

In this case, houses on the ground may have unstable lights in night, and the TV antenna may be moved by wind or lighted by some ground lights.

Therefore detect area mask pattern(dim red) like below . Then you can eliminate all the effect of masked area.

Detect Area Editor has functions below.

All Detect : Set all area to detect

All Mask : Set all area to mask

Auto Set : Set automatically dark part of the image as mask.

Color: Select painting color

Shape : Select painting shape

Blush Size : Select blush size

Cancel : abort editing and back to UFOCaptureV2.

Save : save as specified name file and use it as the area mask pattern of UFOCaptureV2.


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