UFOCapture Night Sky Observation Guide V2.0

2.2 Hardware setup

Step 1 Environment confirmation

Confirm software below is installed to your computer. If there is software which is not installed , download and install it.

Software Confirmation
DirectX 9.0 or later Execute dxdiag.exe in System32 directory of system
Windows Media Player V9.0 or later Execute Media Player itself from start menu and check its version on its help.

Step 2 Camera test

Setup camera and lens, connect video cable from camera to video monitor, and confirm the camera and lens is working normally.

Step 3 Capture test

Install hardware and software of your capture equipment to your computer.

Connect video signal to your capture equipment and test weather your capture equipment is working well at your desired size and rate.

Confirm that recorded video clip can be replayed by Windows Media Player.

If there is problem, do not proceed next, solve the problem first.

Step 4 Compatibility test

This step is optional.

Install Windows Movie Maker2 or Windows Media Encoder to your PC.

(Windows Movie Maker2 is convenient for re-compression and editing of stored movie files, so it is recommended that you install it.)

Test weather your capture device can be used as the input device of those software or not.

If you cannot use your capture device by those software, there is no hope. Please change your device.